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John Medwedeff has been an independent studio artist since 1988.

His sculpture, architectural metalwork, and design are represented in private,

corporate, and public collections throughout the United States.


"Chromosphere" is a monumental, rotating bronze sculpture that is 12' x 4' 2" x 4'. Residential commission, Atlanta, GA.

PGA Championship Trophy

Commissioned by the PGA, this trophy is 18" tall and made of formed, fabricated, and cast bronze. Designed and built in multiples by John Medwedeff.


"Azimuth" is 22' x 16' x 8', fabricated stainless steel. Commissioned by the State of Louisiana for the Ogden Honors College at LSU by national competition. Photo by Anne Bujold.


"Crescendo" is 15' x 7' x 9'. COR-TEN steel. Commissioned by Lincoln Property Company for The Sound at Pennington Bend, Nashville, TN. This sculpture will develop a rich patina over time.


"Velocity" is a monumental painted steel sculpture for the Southern Illinois University Transportation Education Center. Fabricated steel, 22' x 27' x 10'.


"Paragon" is a stainless steel sculpture commissioned for Tavira at Bonita Bay in Bonita Springs, FL. 10' x 9' x 4'.


"Stoke" was installed in Knoxville, TN. Commissioned by Arts Knoxville through an international competition. 22' tall, forged and fabricated steel, painted.


Commissioned by urbanArt (Greater Memphis Arts Council), "Whirl" is a forged and fabricated, steel and aluminum sculpture - which is also a bench and shade shelter - located in Vance Park, overlooking the Mississippi River. Dimensions are 18' x 21' x 8'.


"Guardian" is a 7' 6" x 3' 2" x 3' 3" bronze sculpture commissioned for a residence in Murphysboro, IL.


"Starboard", 14'6" x 9' x 2'6", COR-TEN steel, was commissioned by state competition for Joliet Community College by the Illinois Capital Development Board.


In September, 2014, we installed "Confluence" in the Germantown neighborhood of Nashville, TN. The sculpture is steel, 26' 6" x 9' x 18' 6" and was commissioned by SWH Residential Partners, LLC.

University School of Nashville Sign

A 6.5' x 12.5' bronze identity statement designed by John Medwedeff in collaboration with architect David Plummer, Art teacher Liz Mask, and USN students. Commissioned by the University School of Nashville (TN). Forged, machined, etched, cast, carved, and fabricated bronze, stainless steel.

Salukis Alumni Plaza

This monumental sculpture of three Salukis represents the past, present and future for the students of Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Located on the Alumni Plaza, the work was a collaboration between studio manager Megan Robin-Abbott and John Medwedeff. It is larger than life size and unusual for our studio, which usually works in the abstract mode. Cast bronze. 18' x 4' x 5'.

Elan Vital

"Elan Vital" is installed at the Civic Center in Fairhope, AL. National Competition. Photo by Jeremy Waak.

Carl Lee Park Bandshell

A stainless steel sculptural band shell and amphitheater designed by John Medwedeff, adjacent to the Sallie Logan Library, Murphysboro, IL. Greenspace designed in collaboration with Darrell Garrison, AIA, Planning Resources, Wheaton, IL. Bandshell built by the A. Zahner Co. Photo ©Jim Gilbert, 2016

The Barton Sculptures

"The Barton Sculptures" are two forged steel sculptures commissioned for the lobby of The Barton in St. Louis, MO. Designed and built by John Medwedeff. 6' tall each.


Forged and fabricated bronze, 7' 4" tall x 7' 7" long x 3' 6" wide. LeClaire Garden Court, Edwardsville, IL. "Wellspring" was commissioned by the Illinois Art-in-Architecture Program for the N. O. Nelson Campus of Lewis and Clark College.

Millennium Plaza Fountain

"Millennium Plaza Fountain" is forged and fabricated bronze, 16' 2" x 8‘ x 9’ diameter. Commissioned by Montgomery County, TN for the County Courthouse in Clarksville by national competition.


Forged and fabricated steel, "Momentum" is 15.5' x 17' x 9'. Commissioned by the Illinois Art in Architecture Program for the SIUC College of Engineering by state competition.


Forged and fabricated bronze, 12' x 4' x 2.5'. "Bloom" was commissioned by private donors for Lewis & Clark College, Godfrey, IL, in memory of Lars Hoffman.


Forged and fabricated steel, "Prow" is 13' x 4' x 7.5'. Purchased by the State of Washington For Central Washington University.

Lieber Fountain

The Lieber Fountain is made of forged and fabricated bronze, 12.5' x 8‘, 4 ½" diameter. Residential commission.


Seven colorful kites made of glass marbles, poly-carbonate tubes, and aluminum soar above the lobby of the Kentucky Children's Hospital in Lexington and comprise "Exuberance!" A collaborative sculpture by John Medwedeff and Erika Strecker.


"Emergence" was installed in East Lansing, in front of the Fairchild Theater on the campus of Michigan State University. This bronze sculpture is 12' tall.


"Orbit" is a forged and fabricated COR-TEN monumental sculpture. 7' x 7.6' x 5.6'. Residential commission.


"Oasis" is a monumental bronze sculptural fountain, 27’ x 7’ x 9’. Underwritten by David and Diane Hill and purchased with partial support from the State of Illinois Art-in-Architecture program for the campus of Harper College in Palatine, IL.


"Ocoee" is a 55" x 20" x 13" forged bronze sculpture owned by a private collector.


"Voyage" is monumental bronze sculpture created for an interior space at the headquarters of software development firm SAS Inc, located in Cary, NC. 20' x 10' x 8'


"Aperture" is installed on the University of North Carolina Charlotte campus adjacent to the lake. This steel sculpture is mounted on a bearing and can be rotated to present different views from time to time. 15’ x 11.5’ x 7’


Two views of "Tellico," a forged and fabricated bronze sculpture. Private collection. 36" x 10" x 8"


Forged and fabricated steel, "Willow" is 14' x 2' x 3' and was commissioned by the UrbanArt Commission for Boyle Investments, Memphis, TN.


"Apex" is a monumental, forged and fabricated, bronze sculptural fountain for the entryway to the College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL. 2013. 28.5' x 9' x 18'.


A monumental, forged and fabricated COR-TEN sculpture, "Nucleus" was commissioned for the entry of Terra House, a residential development in downtown Nashville, TN. 8.5’ x 11’ x 14’

Celebratory Arch

Simply titled "Celebratory Arch," this work is a monumental, forged steel arch spanning the upper section of the stairs adjacent to the exhibition halls of the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield, IL. This photo is a view from below the arch.


This forged and fabricated, painted steel sculpture titled "Parhelion" was commissioned by Carbondale Community Arts for the grounds of the new Carbondale Community High School. Regional competition.


This forged and fabricated COR-TEN sculpture was created for a residential garden in Carterville, IL. It was installed July 15, 2016, and is not yet titled.


"Steam" is a forged and fabricated steel sculpture commissioned by the city of Jackson, Mississippi for a revitalized area of downtown Jackson. 15' x 2.5' x 3'


"Centripetal" is a monumental, forged and fabricated bronze sculpture which measures 19' x 8' x 9'. It is installed in front of the Sarasota County, FL Judicial Complex.

Smysor Plaza Fountain

Made of forged and fabricated bronze (10' x 6' x 6'), the "Smysor Fountain" was the first sculpture commissioned by the Elizabeth A. Smysor Trust. Murphysboro, IL was the beneficiary of their gift, and the fountain has become a landmark and a place of celebration for locals and visitors to Murphysboro, IL.

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