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How to Commission

Sculpture or Metalwork


Commissioning a work is an simple process, Whether you desire a garden gate, furniture or railings for your home or a monumental sculpture for a municipal plaza or park.


The first step is contacting John at 618-521-7429 or to begin the discussion. Emailing John photos of the site or architectural plans is helpful at this stage.

Step two : John will work closely with you to conceive the project: site design, scale, materials, timeline and developing a budget for design, fabrication and installation. The quality of the work depends on careful planning so this step is important. John will listen to your needs and walk you through it carefully.


Step three: A contract agreement will be written based on this discussion, outlining the nature of the work, payment schedule, and timeline for completion.

Step four: John will design the work. This comprises either a drawing or a scale model which is presented to the client before moving on the the full-scale work.

Step five: Fabrication of the full-scale work at our studio.


Step six: Installation of the work. John works in advance with site engineers, the architect or the homeowner to make this process seamless. We look forward to hearing from you.

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