John Medwedeff has been a member of the International Network for the Restoration of Contemporary Art since 2014.

The E. M. Viquesney Doughboy

After and before photos of the restoration of the Herrin, IL Doughboy sculpture by E. M. Viquesney.

Originally dedicated in 1927, restored in 2018. Medwedeff Forge & Design restored the bronze statuary and monument and facilitated the restoration of the bronze plaques on the pedestal and on the wall behind the statuary. The Doughboy is located near the intersection of North Park Avenue and West Adams Street.

The Spirit of Survival by Ruth Duckworth, circa 1998

Through research, photos were located documenting the original appearance of the sculpture. The surface corrosion caused by specific environmental conditions was removed. The bronze was then refinished and sealed with durable clear coatings. All conservation work was done on site in November 2016 by Medwedeff Forge & Design.

GOX II by Ernest Trova, circa 1973

After and before photos of the restoration of Gox II, a painted COR-TEN sculpture by Ernest Trova.

Paul and Virginia, circa 1887, SIU Carbondale Campus

The original 1887 Paul and Virginia fountain is made of cast zinc. In 1984 a graduate student in sculpture made a reproduction in cast bronze. The original fountain was missing significant portions and the original umbrella was missing. We reproduced the missing surfaces by taking molds from the 1984 reproduction, then we recreated new umbrellas for both pieces based on historic photographs. 

Casting replacement elements.

Assembling and fitting.

Circa 1894 J. L. Mott Fountain, Lewis & Clark College

A complete restoration of a cast iron fountain that was originally installed in 1894, designed in 1871 by the J.L. Mott Company. Numerous cast iron parts were broken beyond repair and some were missing. The cast zinc bird on top and three freestanding ones on the base were absent. An upside down bowl from another fountain had been added to replace part of the base and a pair of concrete cherubs were awkwardly placed on the top (see photo, below)! The original cast iron internal structure had been replaced with mild steel schedule 40 pipe in the 1950's, and was in imminent danger of collapse.

Through research, the original patterns from 1871 were located and new cast parts created. A replacement stainless steel core was fabricated. The entire fountain was refinished with durable modern coatings and new plumbing installed. The fountain was rededicated in

May 2016.

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